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ADM Cyclone Mite Structure

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ADM Ice/Puck touch study by NHL (1/2 ice vs full ice)

ADM: What is ADM?, The ADM WAY, Practices/Games/Tournaments, Equipment needed, The Hockey Experience, HIP/Goalie Improvement

What is ADM?: (MITES-- 8 years old and Under) In January 2009, USA Hockey launched the American Development Model (ADM), which for the first time, provided associations nationwide with a detailed blueprint for optimal athlete development. The ADM is designed to successfully develop American hockey players by implementing long-term athlete development principles. Research from leading hockey-playing nations, sport scientists, coaches and educators were used to design the ADM, which quickly gained international recognition as a best-practice model for young athletes.  The ADM athletes, who are 8 years old and younger) will play the majority of their games 3v3 or 4v4 on a half-ice format.  USA Hockey's ADM Model believes that by playing half-ice, your child will have more touches on the puck and gain the ability to think and react faster among many advantages.  The games are much more fast-paced and every child is given the opportunity to get involved in the play.  The USA Hockey Cross-Ice program is based on a model of practicing and playing hockey across the ice surface as compared to practicing and playing lengthwise along the full length of the ice surface.  It has been shown that children who begin their hockey training in this environment have an outstanding hockey experience.  

As the basis for youth hockey in the US, the ADM provides:

  • An opportunity to learn and refine the basic skills without an over-emphasis on winning in the younger age classifications.
  • Age-specific, age-appropriate skill development.
  • An opportunity for those who wish to advance to a more competitive, elite environment can.
  • A philosophy that attempts to reduce hockey-burnout and disenchantment.
  • Structured training programs for coaches and qualified adult leadership.

The ADM is forward-looking, building players well suited for the highly skilled, creative, fast-paced game of today!

THE ADM WAY: If kids truly want to excel, they need less emphasis on win/loss records and more focus on skill development and refinement, especially in the younger age classifications. They need more skill training and more puck touches. The fundamental physical and mental skills aren't learned effectively during a game. They must be learned in practice. And practicing the right way is how kids will unlock their true potential. By combining age-appropriate training and practice techniques with an introduction to skills and athleticism, kids have more fun, more engagement, more exercise and more skill development. That's the ADM way!

PRACTICES AND GAMES: The ADM (Mites) will practice twice a week. They will also get the opportunity to attend HIP on Monday nights. HIP practices are optional but are highly encouraged. The Kent Cyclones hire outside coaches to work strictly on skating development, agility, and speed. These practices are at NO EXTRA COST to our players.  Kent Cyclones Goalies are offered the opportunity to receive Professional Goalie training on Mondays.  These practices are also offered at NO EXTRA COST.  October is considered preseason.  There will be approximately 8-10 games played during this month.  The regular season begins November 1 and ends the second weekend of February.   The Mites will play anywhere between 14-20 games during the regular season.  These games are primarily on the weekends and games are locally in Northeast Ohio.
TOURNAMENTS:  The Mites will have ONE away tournament.  The weekend of Martin Luther King, Jr. the entire Kent Cyclones program participates in the MLHA Hockey Classic at Robert Morris University near Pittsburgh, PA.  Depending on the coach and availability of players, there are a few opportunities for other tournaments close to home. 

What Equipment Do I Need?

Each skater must have the following equipment:

  1. Hockey Skates
  2. Shin Guards
  3. Hockey socks
  4. Hockey pants
  5. Shoulder Pads-light weight and comfortable 
  6. Elbow Pads
  7. Hockey Gloves
  8. Helmet with facemask
  9. Mouth piece
  10. Stick--cut at the nose when standing in shoes
  11. Neck guard
  12. Protective Cup (highly recommended)
  13. Two Kent Cyclones Hockey Jerseys (Home and Away) *Available to order after tryouts
  14. Undergarments to wear beneath the equipment

Goalies need a different set of equipment:

  1. Hockey Skates
  2. Hockey socks
  3. Goalie leg pads
  4. Goalie chest and arm protector
  5. Goalie Glove
  6. Goalie Blocker
  7. Goalie Stick
  8. Helmet with throat guard

THE HOCKEY EXPERIENCE: Above all, remember that hockey is a game, meant to be fun, including at the highest levels. Keep hockey in perspective and help your children do the same. Often the score isn't as important to them as simply gaining the experience of playing and making memories with teammates. Savor every opportunity to watch your child on the ice. The hockey experience can be a source of great memories and lessons that last a lifetime. Traveling that road together can strengthen family ties. Remember: Let kids be kids. Fun should be Paramount!

HIP/GOALIE IMPROVEMENT: The Kent Cyclones hockey program offers power skating and professional goalie instruction through our HIP (Hockey Improvement Program) on Monday nights. Your child will benefit from specialized instruction through a non-mandatory 12 week program (included in yearly fees). This one hour practice is offered to our ADM, Squirts, and Pee Wees and consists of various skills that develop the athlete's forward and backward skating along with powerful strides, acceleration, speed, balance and agility. We feel that all these skills are important in the development of the hockey player. They are emphasized in all of our regular practice sessions with our coaching staff as well.