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What to expect as a hockey parent:
Your child's hockey experience will be influenced by many factors, but nothing will influence that experience more than you. As a parent, you are the most influential figure in your child's development, both as a hockey player and a person. Embrace that opportunity.

  • Be supportive of the child. Of your child's teammates. Of the coach. And of the hockey program.
  • Be disciplined. Manage your emotions and set a good example that teaches your child to do the same.
  • Be positive, and when adversity comes, be constructive not destructive.
  • Be proactive. Getting involved as a volunteer in your association can help you have an even greater influence on your child's hockey experience. And as a parent, being a proactive communicator with coaches and hockey administrators can help avoid frustration and conflict.
  • Your child's coach is likely a volunteer, and often also a parent, donating their time to help your child. While criticism might be appropriate, it should be done constructively and through appropriate channels.
  • Be respectful, especially in situations of disagreement or conflict. Remember, your child is watching!
  • Focus on the process, and not the outcome, and teach your child to do the same.
  • Kids learn best by doing.
  • Praise your child's effort and less about their performance. Studies show that this helps them better develop the confidence to meet new challenges and overcome obstacles.
  • Keep hockey in perspective. Maintain a healthy balance of hockey and non-hockey activities. Encourage your child to be well-rounded.
  • Enjoy the youth hockey experience with your child. Life moves fast and time passes quickly. Soon your child will be grown and you'll wish you could return to these days, if just for a moment. So savor these seasons, don't rush them. Make the experience one that you'll remember fondly together years from now.
Information gathered from An American Hockey Parent Handbook