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GIVE N GO Website - Drills and Videos - Link

Give N Go Drills - printout

Cyclones Coach Application

Goalie Eval Form

USA Hockey Official Rules (2017-2021)

CSHL Rules (2017-2018)


Student Coach Form

Playing Time Article 1

Playing Time Article 2

CSHL Rules on Re-Scheduling Games

Cyclones Coaches Manual

Practice Templates:

Practice Plan Template

Practice Plan Template - ALT

Coaching Drills/Games Links:

Small Area Games

Additional SMall Area Games - NEW

Goalie Resources and Drills


Registration Links:

USA Hockey Coaches Requirements - Click Here

1. Register as a coach with USA Hockey. 

  • Cost $45
  • Registration is good for 1 year.

2. Coaching Education Program.  

  • Cost $55. It takes approximately 6-7 hours

A coach must enter CEP at level 1 and must continue his education with a coaching clinic every year until he achieves level 3. A coach may attend only one CEP per year. Once level 3 is achieved, a coach can renew level 3 every 2 years for 6 years, then must progress to level 4. Once level 4 is achieved, no further certification is necessary.


3. Age-Specific Module for level you are coaching.

  • Cost $10. It takes approximately 6-7 hours, all on-line.

An ASM only has to be completed for the age level you are coaching and has no expiration date.

4. Mid-American Hockey Volunteer Screening Program (Background Screen).   

  • Cost $22. It takes about 30 minutes all on-line. 
  • Good for 2 years.

5. USAH SafeSport Program Training Module.  

  • Free. It takes about 1-2 hour
  • Good for 2 years.

6. Ohio Concussion Training Module.  

  • Free. It takes about 30 minutes, all on-line.
  • Good for 3 years.

7. Linsay Law Link: